Green Joins Indiana University of Pennsylvania Student Government Association as IT/Technology Senator

Indiana, PA – September 2022 – Matt Green, a second-year student at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, is pleased to announce his recent appointment as the IT/Technology Senator within the IUP Student Government Association. This significant role reflects Matt’s passion for technology, his commitment to fostering positive change, and his dedication to serving the student community.

With industry experience at his young age, Matt brings a wealth of expertise in technology and information systems to his new position. As a Student Systems Analyst at the IUP IT Support Center and Student Computing helpdesk, he has gained invaluable experience in providing technical support, troubleshooting, and enhancing the overall technology experience for students at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

The Indiana University of Pennsylvania Student Government Association plays a vital role in representing the interests of students, addressing their concerns, and enhancing campus life. Matt’s involvement as the IT/Technology Senator signifies his commitment to strengthening the university community, advocating for technological advancements, and working collaboratively with fellow student senators to create new opportunities for all students.

In addition to his responsibilities within the Student Government Association, Matt continues to pursue a degree in Management/Information Systems at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, with a minor in Business Administration and Computer Science. His dedication to personal and professional growth, along with his comprehensive understanding of technology and business, equips him with the knowledge needed to contribute strategic insights and innovative solutions to the Student Government Association.

When asked about his recent appointment, Matt expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “I am thrilled to have the opportunity to represent my fellow students and contribute to the technological development of our campus. I look forward to working with the Student Government Association to make a positive impact on the student experience at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.”

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Matt Green
Matt Green

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